Wire Forms for Any Job, for Any Industry


Thanks in part to automated and increased production speeds, many industries have been able to benefit from high volume output of wire forms. They can take any shape, any size, and can feature custom ends. The versatility of wire forms has made it possible to accomplish any project.

Wire forms are created from individual designs specific to the application. A variety of materials are available, and some materials allow for thinner radii. Softer materials are easier to wind around a tool. Once the form is set based on the desired specifications, the tooling is placed and production begins, feeding the wire through the machine and creating the final shape.

The ability to customize designs makes wire forms a desired piece for a large amount of projects. Nearly any industry can benefit from custom wire forms, including automotive, agricultural, construction, electronics, HVAC, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals. 

Even though the customer can dictate exactly what they need to complete the job, there are more common shapes that appear. The three most common wire form springs are torsional, compression, and extension. Virtually any shape can be manufactured to fit any application.

Mid-West Spring and Stamping specializes in precision high-speed, repeatable wire forming. Our premier industrial wire forms result from our state-of-the-art, 8-axis CNC bending and forming machines. Allow us to review your specifications and offer you a competitive quote. As a premier custom springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and materials to your individual specifications.

Mid-West Spring and Stamping is committed to creating more value for our customers with fewer resources through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. Join the multitudes of customers that rely on us to optimize the fit, form, and function for their desired outcomes at a competitive cost. Request a quote today, or call us at 800-424-0244.