Engineering expertise

The Mid-West spring engineering department offering assistence to the design renderings of a client.

Expert spring engineers

MWS has a level of expertise in the spring engineering process that is only attained through years of dedicated service in the industry. Our team of skilled spring engineers is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but they are also creative problem solvers. They are ready to work with you to meet your specific needs with efficiency, reliability, and at a level of customer service that can’t be beat.

Our spring engineering
department is always –

Knowledgeable • Intelligent • Resourceful • Organized • Attentive

Throughout the manufacturing process, our engineering department will remain consistently attentive and interested in your happiness. Our spring engineering is characterized by refined project management processes with your crucial specifications and unique requirements in mind.

Spring engineering makes sure all our customers are happy with the final product. A spring engineer supervises a technician at his workstation.

Talented and efficient engineers

We provide you with the talent, knowledge, and drive for satisfaction that you deserve for quality spring engineering. At MWS, the objective of our spring engineering department is to fully incorporate your unique specifications and requirements into every aspect of the manufacturing process–while ensuring the highest level of precision, quality, and efficiency.
When requesting a quote, you can expect a speedy response. We understand your need for fast and reliable service. If a project needs a special coating or processes that require outside services, slightly more time may be needed. Please let us know if a requirement is crucial.