Suspension Springs: Everything You Need to Know

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Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are crucial to a vehicle’s lifespan and ease of use. MidWest Spring and Stamping works alongside all of our customers to provide tailored solutions to meet each individual need. Our highly skilled team of professionals offers a wide body of industry experience to provide the highest quality solutions possible.

What are Suspension Springs?

Suspension springs are the key component of a vehicle that offers a smooth ride and comfort amidst uneven terrain and rough handling. The space holder between the vehicle body and its tires; suspension springs are vastly important as a safety feature, offering shock absorption, movement control, and vibration damping. Suspension springs must always offer safe contact with the road, regardless of the road’s condition. They must stand up to hard handling and heavy use, regularly.


At Mid-West, we understand the importance of every single detail that goes into your vehicle. Whether its usage is for high-performance racing or off-road treks, we offer the best in the industry to each and every client. Some of our most common customer applications include:

  • ATV
  • UTV
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Hot Rods
  • Muscle Cars
  • Pickup Trucks


Mid-West offers custom solutions to fit all of your project needs. Most commonly crafted with high-carbon steel, our suspension springs can also be made with a variety of non-ferrous alloys. We offer a selection of different diameters and spring shapes depending on the vehicle size and type. Our additional capabilities include:

  • Up to .750″ wire size
  • Various wire materials
  • Personalized color and labeling to showcase personal branding
  • Special packaging
  • Bump springs
  • Standard and custom compression spring body shapes
  • Secondary processes & finishes
  • Engineering assistance with spring designs

Our team members are experts in the industry and our manufacturing processes are fully integrated into our ISO program, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every step of production. Each suspension spring design we create is completely customized to the customer’s requirements and is rigorously tested to ensure quality.

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