Quality Orders at a Price That’s Right


Keeping costs low shouldn’t have to come at the expense of lower quality. Instead, it is Mid-West Spring and Stamping’s mission to build long-term relationships with our customers, and we do that through responsiveness and proactive communication. During the process, we will work on exactly what you need and provide it at a price that’s right.

Spring production comes with certain challenges. Many variables can change the force and ramifications of spring stresses, but our expert engineers are available to provide support. If you already have the specs ready, then we will build exclusively to your print, design, or specifications. We have a broad product mix that serves an equally broad customer base.

We provide you with the talent, knowledge, and drive for satisfaction that you deserve for quality spring engineering. At Mid-West Spring and Stamping, the aim of our spring engineering department is to incorporate your unique specifications and requirements into every aspect of the manufacturing process, while ensuring the highest level of precision, quality, and efficiency.

When you need to request a quote, you can expect a speedy response. We understand your need for fast and reliable service. If a project needs a special coating or processes that require outside services, then slightly more time may be needed. Just let us know if a requirement is crucial.

It is simple to place an order with Mid-West Spring and Stamping, and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to find the best bang for your buck. Whatever your application needs, allow Mid-West Spring and Stamping to help find the right spring for the job. As a premier custom springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and materials to your individual specifications.

Mid-West Spring and Stamping is committed to creating more value for our customers with fewer resources through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. Join the multitudes of customers that rely on us to optimize the fit, form, and function for their desired outcomes at a competitive cost. Request a quote today, or call us at 800-424-0244.