Is it Possible to Fix a Spring After It Takes Set?


Springs are put through only a specific amount of stress. If a spring is compressed, extended, or torqued too far, it will fail or even break. Being pushed beyond its limit means that the spring takes a set, or has exceeded its elastic limit. 

Because a single spring can be heavily relied on for an application, it must be properly engineered for its intended purpose. That is why calculating its elastic limit, also known as a maximum safe travel, is so important during the engineering phase. Each spring is different and has different limits, and once that spring has gone beyond this limit, it will suffer irreparable damage.

When a spring is compressed and released, it should return to its original height, and further compressions should still allow the spring to remain constant within its load limit specifications. When a spring is forced past the point of no return, it will experience permanent damage. The resilience and structure has been affected, so it cannot return to its initial length or torqued position. 

During the design stage, engineers can deal with this problem by initially making the spring longer. Then, when the spring is compressed for the first time all the way to solid, it will take its initial set and will become the correct height to meet its load requirement. This function is called presetting, or removing the set. 

Many springs will not come back to the original height after being compressed, but Mid-West Spring and Stamping can pre-set your springs, if needed. Whatever your application needs, allow Mid-West Spring and Stamping to help find the right spring for the job. As a premier custom springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and materials to your individual specifications.

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