Extension Springs: Types, Uses, and Customization


Extension Springs

An extension spring is designed to store and absorb energy through the use of either hooks or loops, depending on the spring’s final application. At Mid-West Spring and Stamping, we work with our customers to custom design extension springs for a variety of uses in several industries. We will work with you to understand your specifications and create a solution that meets your needs.

What Are Extension Springs?

Extension springs are used to connect various types of mechanisms across many industries. They can be designed with either hooks or loops and store and absorb energy. An extension spring’s body and end designs can be customized for specific applications.

Extension springs use rounded wire to form a tight design with initial tension and work to bring mechanisms together when they separate. Extension springs tend to carry stress in the end hooks once it is loaded, as opposed to the spring body. Repeated high stress uses can limit an extension spring’s functionality over time.

What Are Extension Springs Used For?

Extension springs are used for a variety of different applications in many industries. Everything from everyday consumer products to specialized machinery uses different types of extension springs.

At Mid-West Spring and Stamping, we specialize in custom extension spring design. We have designed and manufactured custom extension springs for the following applications:

  • Automotive Interiors and Exteriors
  • Garage Door Assemblies
  • Vise-Grip Pliers
  • Carburetors
  • Trampolines
  • Washing Devices
  • Farm Machinery
  • Toys

Whatever your application, Mid-West Spring and Stamping has the experience and capabilities to produce your custom extension spring to exact specifications.

Custom Extension Springs

When you work with Mid-West Spring and Stamping, our design engineers will work to create the best solution to manufacture your spring to exact specifications and tolerances. Once the design is approved, we will create a product sample or prints to ensure the final design will meet your industry and application standards.

We offer extension spring customization and capabilities including:

  • .007″ – .750″ Wire Size
  • Various Wire Materials
  • Selection of Wire Shapes – Round, Rectangular, Square
  • Wire Types Include Round, Rectangular, Square, & Special-Section Wire
  • Wide Variety of End Configurations
  • Secondary Processes and Finishes
  • Engineering Assistance with Spring Designs

Our engineers and operators are experts in the industry and our lean manufacturing processes are fully integrated into our ISO program to ensure the most efficient and accurate product production. Each extension spring design we create is completely customized to the customer’s requirements and is rigorously tested to ensure quality.

Have an extension spring design? Request a quote to get started now!