Custom Torsion Springs: Create the Right Torsion Spring for Your Application


Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are widely used in both everyday and industrial items where rotating force is required such as garage doors, door hinges, and various types of machinery and equipment. Torsion springs provide high torque and can be manufactured in a range of sizes and metals depending on the final application.

With more than 90 years in our industry, the team at Mid-West Spring and Stamping are experts in designing and manufacturing custom torsion springs to meet your specific requirements.

What are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are a form of mechanical spring designed by twisting its end along its axis. This action exerts torque or “twisting force” in the opposite direction that is equal to the amount of wire twisted. Torsion springs can both store and release energy through a twisting motion.

A torsion spring is designed with a spiral shape with one end of the wire attached to a stationary point and the other end on a rotating point. They can be used in both clockwise and counterclockwise applications to resist twisting and rotation.

Common applications for torsion springs include:

  • Garage Doors
  • Door Hinges
  • Chair Control Units
  • Clocks

Different Types of Torsion Springs

Changing the design elements of a torsion spring will have a direct impact on the spring’s properties so it is essential to know the spring’s final application before designing the spring. Each torsion spring Mid-West manufactures is 100% custom for every customer. We do not carry stock springs to ensure quality on every purchase.

Torsion springs can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials and sizes for a range of applications. Because of this, torsion springs can be designed with different leg and spring configurations including:

  • Straight Torsion Spring
  • Straight Offset Torsion Spring
  • Hinged Torsion Spring
  • Short Hook End
  • Hook End Designs
  • Double Torsion Springs

Torsion springs can also be customized with different leg angles, leg lengths, leg styles, and spring ends depending on the design specifications. Torsion springs have a reputation of being versatile and durable with a long lifespan and can be a cost-effective choice for customers.

Custom Torsion Springs

At Mid-West Spring and Stamping, we specialize in custom torsion springs. We have the experience and capabilities to manufacture torsion springs for your application, regardless of your specifications. Over the years, we’ve assisted customers by designing custom torsion springs for small cabinet doors to ramp door springs and everything in between. To streamline the spring design and development process, you can use our Ramp Door Calculations Worksheet.

We offer custom torsion spring options and capabilities including:

  • .007″ – .750″ wire size
  • Various wire materials
  • Selection of wire shapes – round, rectangular, square
  • Wide variety of leg configurations, complete off machine
  • Straight
    • Hook
    • Hinged
    • Straight offset
    • Double torsion
  • Secondary processes & finishes
  • Engineering assistance with spring designs

The engineers and designers at Mid-West Spring and Stamping have the skills and experience to develop your custom torsion spring to your exact specifications to meet industry standards. Our team will work with you to design and manufacture the best torsion spring for your application.

Do you have a torsion spring design? Request a quote today to get started!