Add Value to Your Hydraulics With Precision-Crafted Springs


The hydraulic valve spring inside of a combustion engine is essential for the engine to function properly, safely, and efficiently. These metal wire springs are used to close valves in cylindrical heads of the engine and are in place to help provide a smooth ride.

When applied to high-performance work, the valve spring is there to prevent valve float, which is the limit speed of the valve where the spring is no longer controlling motion. As engines have changed and their output has increased, the valve spring has had to adapt its size, shape, and strength.

Like all springs, valve springs must be made with incredible precision to withstand high RPM to ensure the best performance. Also, the stress level of these springs are tightly controlled to keep their structural integrity in the extreme conditions found in an engine. 

Another thing that adds to the incredible nature of a hydraulic valve spring is the choice materials that they can be made from. Certain metals and superalloys are required to help with long-term durability, as well as memory retention. 

But valve springs are not found only in the automotive industry. Uses for a valve spring can be found in electronics, toys, sporting goods, as well as industrial machinery and equipment. 

You will find American-made, precision-crafted springs and wire form components built by the Mid-West Spring and Stamping team. Some of the most recognizable manufacturers count on us to add value to their hydraulics. 

Whatever your application needs, allow Mid-West Spring and Stamping to help find the right spring for the job. As a premier custom springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and materials to your individual specifications.

Mid-West Spring and Stamping is committed to creating more value for our customers with fewer resources through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. Join the multitudes of customers that rely on us to optimize the fit, form, and function for their desired outcomes at a competitive cost. Request a quote today, or call us at 800-424-0244.