Add value to your firearms with precision-crafted springs and wire form components.

A standard handgun with three bullets out of a magazine on a black table.

Precision Crafted

Made in America

ISO 9001 Registered

Whether you need a contract manufacturer to build to your print, skilled engineers to reverse-engineer an existing component, or assistance in designing a new firearm components, you can count on us.

Inferior springs and components can ruin your reputation.

From classic handguns to the world’s most precise sniper rifles, you will find American made, precision-crafted springs and wire form components built by the Mid-West Spring and Stamping team. Some of the most recognizable manufacturers count on us to add value to their firearms.

  • Trigger Springs
  • Extractor Springs
  • Magazine Springs
  • Hammer Springs
  • Buffer Tube Springs
  • Ejector Springs
  • Bolt Springs
  • Recoil Springs
  • QD (Quick-Detach) Rings

Nearly 100 Years of PROVEN Quality & Experience!

For nearly 100 years Mid-West Spring and Stamping has been a leading spring supplier for firearm components and accessories.

Made in USA

Proudly designed and crafted in the United States of America.

Flexible Runs

We can meet your needs without mandating you do things our way.

Proven quality

Quality and reliability that builds your reputation.

Let us be your guide. We will make you a HERO!

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