Producing Prototypes On Demand


During the design cycle, you will need to see your product in action. With certain specifications required, one of the most essential steps is to design and build a prototype. This prototype will be used for real-world testing, and you will learn what needs to be improved before your project is completed.

The earliest prototype is the one that is planned on paper or on the computer. However, you may not discover all the faults through only the design. Therefore, building a prototype is important. Not only will you better understand the design through a physical prototype, but it can be put through realistic and accurate testing.

Rushing through the design cycle will only make things worse. Skipping the costs that are involved in designing a prototype could lead to even more costs in fixing the product after it has already gone into production. 

Prototypes are utilized across a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods. Addressing potential problems becomes quicker and easier through examining and testing your prototype design, leading to a more efficient process, regardless of the industry or your product’s use.

To make a prototype, all we need is a blueprint, sample or spec sheet. We build to your specifications, and if it matches the print, you buy it. The only reason to ask for a prototype or sample is to see if the spring will do what you thought it would. Otherwise, samples & prototypes would just add unnecessary cost to your order.

Whatever your application needs, allow Mid-West Spring and Stamping to help find the right spring for the job. As a premier custom springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and materials to your individual specifications.

Mid-West Spring and Stamping is committed to creating more value for our customers with fewer resources through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. Join the multitudes of customers that rely on us to optimize the fit, form, and function for their desired outcomes at a competitive cost. Request a quote today, or call us at 800-424-0244.