Help Maintain the Shape of a Spring With Stress Relieving


When a spring is manufactured, it needs to go through a couple of processes to ensure that its performance is the best it can be. Each spring needs to be stronger, more consistent, and longer-lasting. And this is obtained through stress relief.

What is stress relieving? For a spring, this means applying a physical process to improve the molecular structure. It is most commonly carried out through a heat treatment, where newly coiled springs are put through enough heat where it won’t transform the material, but still allows it to become more malleable. That temperature is slowly reduced to room temperature, and if it is done too quickly, then the spring can crack or deform.

The science behind stress relieving a spring goes deep into its physical properties. As the cooling happens, the molecules are rearranged. This can cause a slight change in the wire diameter, coil diameter, and initial tension. Manufacturers compensate for these changes.

Stress relieving is necessary because the process makes the springs more reliable. Without stress relieving, the spring’s shape can become distorted, or it may become corroded or cracked. It also will not change the material’s structure, nor will it affect its hardness.

Heat treatment is only one method in stress relieving a spring. Other options include induction stress relief, which runs an electric current through the springs. This method still heats the spring to its optimal temperature, but each individual spring can be stress relieved while maintaining its order and orientation. 

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