Custom Metal Stamping Services Designed With Precision


Manufacturers rely on metal stamping services to help complete their projects. Components are required across several industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, as well as countless other markets all across the world. The market is also quick to evolve, making metal stamping services a much-relied on process.

Metal stamping is the process that involves placing flat sheet metal into a stamping press, where a tool and die shape the metal into the desired form. Many specific techniques are required to produce the exact product needed, including punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging. 

Stamping presses come in three common types: mechanical, hydraulic and mechanical servo. In mechanical presses, a motor connected to a mechanical flywheel transfers and stores energy. These tend to be faster than hydraulic presses, which use pressurized hydraulic fluid to apply force. The hydraulic press is ideal for consistent pressure, and can create more complicated and deeper stampings. 

The mechanical servo differs from mechanical presses by using high capacity motors instead of flywheels. This allows them to create more complicated stampings much faster than a hydraulic press. The stroke, slide position and motion, and the speed can each be programmed and controlled.

Choice of materials used also depends on the desired attributes of the finished piece, such as precious metals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and non-standard alloys. Even though metals are the most common material used, stamping techniques can also paper, leather or rubber.

Once the stamping has been pressed, there are multiple finishing operations that can be employed. The stamped products can go through deburring, tapping, reaming, and counter-boring processes, each allowing for the addition of other parts to be added, or for the removal of sharp edges.

Metal stamping dies are relatively less expensive to produce and maintain, and with a high level of automation, the process is very cost effective. Machines are easy to automate, and that means faster production and quicker turnaround times. The process can get more expensive when custom metal stamping dies are required. 

Mid-West can offer customized stampings, designed and produced to perform in your unique application, consistently and with precision. Our methods, machines, materials, and experts stand ready to tackle all your metal stampings needs, from simple to complex. 

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